The ratio of modern Gothic to ancient

The Gothic language has come down to us in the translation of scripture from Greek, and it’s no secret that the language that is presented in the religious text is not identical to the spoken Gothic of those times, especially since the language is a kind of living organism and it also develops, and who knows what this one was like in the late stages of its existence.

The twenty-first century has become a point of revival of the time-spoken East Germanic language, despite the large number of works written over the past 300 years, it is now that Gothic is being formed as a living language in all senses, while its colloquial form should naturally differ from the religious, artificially complicated and having features of the Greek original in the field of stylistics and other incidents.

Since September 2019, the international public organization Gutavigs officially began to operate and one of the first directives, the board decided to establish a project according to which a norm of the modern Gothic language will be developed, which in essence will not differ much from the original language.

Next, we will consider the differences:

1) New words - Neologisms and reconstructions of words that either have not reached us or have not yet formed in the Gothic.

2) The fixed reading rules, a norm based on various scientific theories regarding the reading of certain sounds, in other words, the elimination of disagreements on reading.

3) Lack of complex biblical turns in a simple colloquial style.

4) Replacing the meaning of the word “ Boka ” - a letter, with “Book” instead of the plural form of this word “Bokos” - a book, letters, document.

In other words, now: Boka is a book, and Bokos are books

At the same time, the word " Bokastafs " is formed for the word " Letter ", this change (substitution) is characteristic of most modern Germanic languages.

5) Fixed analytical constructions of the future and past tense.

6) New stable expressions.

7) Identified productive word formation methods

In this regard, the organization began the development of a training manual, which will describe all the main aspects of Gothic grammar in an accessible language with the aim of practical mastery of Gothic from the point of view of a living language. Based on various academic teaching materials, both domestic and modern, and foreign, written in the century before last.

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