Psalter in Gothic

As a result of the great and painstaking work of one of the enthusiasts who contributed to the promotion of the Gothic language, the translation of the Psalter into the Gothic language was carried out.

Pavel Nikolaevich Chasov, a retired meteorologist, a former rescuer, who is currently engaged in linguistic programming on his own, translated the Psalter. In his translation, Pavel Nikolaevich, in addition to the available vocabulary, relied on neologisms and reconstructions of his own authorship, and thereby enriched the Gothic language. To translate, the hero of our post was prompted by love for the language, as well as the conviction of the need to translate the sacred text into Gothic, thus, continuing the work of Vulfila, Pavel Nikolayevich gave us the opportunity to read the Psalter in the language of the Silver Code. Especially for the members of the "Gutawigs" organization, Pavel Nikolaevich provided the text of his work, which members of the organization can read in a special section in Discord, for which we express our gratitude to him!

For questions about the Gothic translation of the Psalter itself, you can contact him directly at -

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