International Organization of Gothic Language and Culture



Gutawigs consists of two equal fractions (branches), divided according to the territorial linguistic principle, taking into account the mentality of the regions:

- The Austrawigs faction (Ostrovigs) exercises its powers within the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.

- The Wistrawigs Branch (Wistrawigs) exercises its powers within the countries of Western Europe, as well as South America, North Africa and the Philippines.

Each of the fractions has its founders (leaders) up to 10 people, as well as representatives from countries of its region.


GUTAWIGS is an organization whose goal is to revive and popularize the Gothic language and culture. It consists of two parts: (Austrawigs), which operates in the territories of Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as (Wistrawigs), which includes the countries of Western Europe, North Africa and South America.

Legal status


   The public organization "Gutawigs" was founded in Russia in accordance with Art. 3 of the Federal Law of 05.19.1995 N 82-ФЗ (as amended on 12.20.2017) "On public associations", as well as its branch in the form of an association in Romania in accordance with part 2, art. 5, Decisions of the Government of Romania No. 26/2000 regarding associations and foundations. As a result, acquiring the status of International, it begins to carry out activities in most countries of Europe and the CIS.

   The structure of the governing bodies of "Gutawigs", in accordance with its charter, adopted at the meeting of the founders of the International Public Organization / Association Gutawigs, which is confirmed by a protocol meeting of founders number 0001 from 09.02.2019, the certified signature of the meeting chairman and secretary:

1) The supreme governing body of Gutawigs is the General Meeting of Board Members of Gutawigs:

- Chairman of the Board - Ionescu Luminica Fiika Lui Dracul;

- Board members: Ryazapov Ruslan Andreevich, Maslak Oleksandr Sergeevich, Colin Myers;


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