Complete Gothic Dictionary:
- Features of compiling a complete Gothic dictionary, including neologisms and reconstruction
In 2020, it is planned to release the first complete Gothic dictionary, which will include both literary (biblical) words and reconstructions, neologisms that are currently available. In addition, in the future, words will be produced in thematic blocks, and then added to the dictionary, thereby replenishing the vocabulary of the Gothic language. ...
Biblical gothic correlation with

- Differences of the modern form from the ancient
The Gothic language has come down to us in the translation of scripture from Greek, and it’s no secret that the language that is presented in the religious text is not identical to the spoken Gothic of those times, especially since the language is a kind of living organism and it also develops, and who knows what this one was like in the late stages of its existence. ...
Gutawigs International Organization:
- Start of the Gutavigs Way
We are glad to inform you, friends, that as of September 3, 2019, the Gutawigs revival organization of the Gothic language and culture, which includes the regional branches of Austrawigs and Wistrawigs, received official status of the International Public Organization. This opens up new horizons for us in the field of revival and attraction of new participants and like-minded people. Many thanks to all those who were with us. Samana magum manag gataujan! ...
Monophthongization in the Gothic language - new reading rules:
- What is monophthong and why do we read according to the new rules?
There are two points of view, according to which, ai and au digraphs should be read in accordance with the rule, that is, as diphthongs, except when they stand before the letters ( r, h, ƕ) and also in borrowed words, for example, “ aikklesjo "- Ecclesio, in Greek ...