Members of the international public organization Gutawigs become part of the revival of the Gothic language, contribute to the history of the development of the language and culture of East Germans, each member of the organization is its element that supports our common cause.

Official membership gives you the opportunity to:

- Participate in the life of the organization, vote in surveys on the internal structure of the organization and thereby influence the policy of revival;

- Gain access to and participate in projects that Gutawigs implements;

- Become a representative of the language and culture in your region;

- Get a certificate (ID card) of a member of the organization of the established form;

- Enter your name in the history of the revival of the Gothic language and culture;

- Get support in learning the Gothic language;

Any individual who has reached the age of 16 or 18 for citizens of certain states and is interested in its goals at the time of filing an application can become a member of the organization, for which it is necessary:

- Fill in the handwritten application of the established form; can be downloaded here ...

- Send his scan or photo in good quality to;

- Next, one of the organization’s representatives will contact you and conduct a short interview;

- Then you will receive a signed and sealed copy of your application, as well as an identification number, provided that your candidacy is approved;


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Contact us:

- We are in Discord
- We are on Facebook
- We are Vkontakte

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Stay tuned for the latest news on the revival of the Gothic language:

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