The restoration of a completely extinct language (that is, one that has not a single native speaker) and its transformation into a living, spoken language of at least a small group of people;

The most famous and successful example - Hebrew - completely revived from a language that died out two millennia ago and survived only in book form, and became the state language of an entire state and the native language of several million people.

In the case of Gothic, there are the following prerequisites that allow you to recreate this language for further use by people in life:

1) From the Gothic language, the translation of the Gospel has come down to us, which contains enough vocabulary (about 3500 words) and constructions that allow us to restore the grammatical structure of the language completely, as well as develop rules for the formation of new words.

2) With the help of dictionaries of the Proto-German language, it seems possible to recreate words that did not come down to us, but most likely were in use.

3) Unlike most modern Germanic languages, which have acquired many borrowed words of non-Germanic origin, Icelandic, even for modern concepts, develops words only on the basis of Germanic roots and the Germanic word-formation tradition.

4) Despite the fact that Gothic is a representative of the extinct East Germanic group of languages, following the example of its related North Germanic and West Germanic languages, it is possible to recreate linguistic constructions that meet modern requirements.

5) Despite the absence now of living representatives of the Gothic ethnos, or of its cultural recipients, most Europeans from Portugal to the South of Russia carry a piece of the lost people in their genes, which allows everyone, not only out of interest, but also at the call of their ancestors, to become part of the idea of ​​the revival of the Gothic language and culture.


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