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Gutawigs International Organization:
- The history of the Gutavigs and our goals.
Complete Gothic Dictionary:
- Features of compiling a complete Gothic dictionary, including neologisms and reconstructions
Biblical gothic correlation with

- Differences of the modern form from the ancient
  • Complete Gothic Dictionary;
  • Gothic language textbook;
  • Testing to determine the level of proficiency in the Gothic;
  • Restoring vocabulary of the language (neologisms);
  • Approval of the certificate of proficiency in the Gothic language;
  • Translation of famous works into the Gothic language;
  • Spelling folk gothic music;

Projects / tauimudreins

Ƕas sijum? - Who are we?


Gutavigs is an international organization that represents the Gothic language that has become obsolete by the 9th century, as well as the culture of the East Germans. Our goal is to revive the language, restore what was lost, create what was not created. We bring people together throughout Europe to promote the Gothic language and culture.

Ƕa taujam? - What are we doing?

- We organize a range of activities in the field of language revival, as well as

we control its further development;

- We publish educational materials, thereby reinforcing the norms of the modern Gothic language;

- We restore the vocabulary of the language, adding neologisms, reconstructions and colloquial norms, based on the original texts;